Permanent Makeup – As easy as Doreme

Permanent Makeup Pigments

Permanent makeup technicians looking for a beautiful, reliable and affordable pigments need look no further than Doreme micropigmentation pigments, exclusively launched in the UK by Beautiful Ink.  Lisa, company director, is keen to make the range affordable, and Beautiful Ink is currently offering permanent make up professionals the opportunity to buy Doreme pigments at £25 for a 15ml bottle



Doreme’s eyebrow pigment collection features a stunning selection of 25 warm, neutral and cool tones, all expertly blended to heal true. This high quality range of permanent makeup pigments has been carefully developed in South Korea, by pigment specialists JHN Micro Tec, using pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

The Doreme range has been created in collaboration with a range of industry and medical experts.  Each of the pigments is fully safety certified and only contains ingredients from the approved list for use in permanent make-up.

All pigments have been patch tested on humans and awarded the ‘Excellent’ seal of approval by highly regarded German research institute, Dermatest.

To make absolutely sure that Doreme pigments could be trusted and safely used on clients everywhere, Lisa Henning, director of Beautiful Ink, has also carried out Cosmetic Product Safety Reports (CPSR), which has fully approved them for microbiological quality, toxicity and stability.

Further pigments from JHN Micro Tec will be launched over the coming months, including eyeliner, lip colour and a special range of colours for micro blading.

Lisa says,

“I’m very pleased to be able to bring Doreme pigments to the UK. As a permanent makeup technician and trainer myself, I know how important it is to trust your pigments will give great results.

Having used several pigment ranges myself over the years I understand what a technician needs from their pigments: healing true, good retention and fading well.  You can use Doreme pigments on your clients in complete confidence, and with 25 different eyebrow colours to choose from, you’ll always have the exact shade needed.”


Lisa Henning:

Tel:  01273 775188

Notes to Editors

All pigments are manufactured to the same consistency and quality by JHN Micro Tec, in close collaboration with doctors, medical experts, chemists, users and the JHN MicroTec product development team.

All JHN Micro Tec permanent makeup pigments are safety certified by the Korea Research and Testing Institute (KTU), Dermatest and SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.

Lisa Henning specialises in cosmetic tattooing, medical tattooing and MediTatu ® microneedling, as well as being a HABIA endorsed training provider.

For more information contact Lisa Henning at

Tel:  01273 775188 / 07530 978856


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