Beginner, Conversion, Bespoke Confidence Building & A+Ocean Saline Tattoo Removal

Licensing: Check with your local council their licensing requirements for permanent makeup and non-laser tattoo removal.  There are no standard existing training requirements, with the vast majority of UK councils licensing beginner technicians with no existing beauty training levels

There is a lot of talk about enforced Level 4 training, again, check with your council what they require before committing to extra costs and training.  It's normally the Licensing or Health & Safety departments you need to speak with

If you already have Level 3 beauty, proceeding to Level 4 is natural, however the extra work involved jumping straight to Level 4 needs to be considered and researched.  

Most councils require you to be licensed to offer permanent makeup, saline tattoo removal is a grey area with each council treating differently.  There are a few UK councils were no licensing is required, and fewer still who require existing beauty training Levels

Insurance: All my courses and workshops are approved by either Holistic or Insync Insurance.  Once you have completed your training the Certificate will be recognised by these companies (Insync for A+Ocean).  If you have existing beauty insurance give them a call to find out your position.  Saline tattoo removal is a course many beauty insurance companies will not recognise


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