Become a Botched Ink® Approved Trainer

Botched Ink® Saline Tattoo Removal Training Course, Workshop, Event

The launch of Botched Ink® has been amazing !  With around 70 students trained by us in January and February 2019, there is a huge need for specialists to lift, lighten and remove microblading, permanent makeup and scalp micropigmentation

Do you want to join the quickly growing Botched Ink® team ?

  • After an initial investment 80% of student fees are yours !
  • Group workshop £500 per student
  • Students can book and pay our fee online, paying you the balance on the day - All training dates (currently UK only)
  • Perfect for experienced trainers with a database of students
  • Students are listed and promoted on the Find a Local Technician Map
  • Unauthorised trainers cannot list their students or promote any association with Botched Ink®
  • Botched Ink® packaging recommends 'Become an Approved Botched Ink® Technician: Visit our website for training events near you'
  • Authorised trainer workshop dates will be listed alongside our dates


To become an Authorised Botched Ink® Trainer you are required to have:

  • A recognised teacher training qualification
  • Existing training and experience working with saline tattoo removal

If a trainer has several years experience with other non-laser tattoo removal methods, we discuss suitability in a case by case basis

There is no permission for Saline Tattoo Removal Trainers to associate themselves or recommend Botched Ink® in any way.  Students of trainers who use or promote Botched Ink® will not be eligible to go on the Find a Local Technician map without them paying for extra training from a Botched Ink® trainer.  Please read Botched Ink® trademark below

Training Costs:  

  • Train the Trainer (TTT) 2 day course - £2,500
  • Certificate, kit and royalty for Beautiful Ink Ltd - £100 per student

If you're not already a Botched Ink® trained technician, in addition you'll need to book a place on one of our workshops (£500)

Prices include VAT 

Profit Available:

  • Group training is £500 per student
  • Example: Book 7 students = £3,500
  • Minus Certificate and kit price = £2,800 profit (80%)

Book 7 students on your first course and you're already in profit after TTT course

Botched Ink® saline tattoo removal solution training course and workshop

Botched Ink® Trademark: 

Botched Ink® is a registered trademark for any form of Training, the Botched Ink® product is also trademarked.  The only way to hold an approved Botched Ink® training course is to become an Authorised Botched Ink® Trainer or to pay an agreed license fee

Botched Ink® solution comes in sachets supplied with an instruction leaflet.  On the back of the sachet is written "Not to be distributed without the official Botched Ink® instructions.  For trained professionals only"

On the instruction leaflet it clearly mentions about becoming an Approved Botched Ink® Technician, with these technicians listed on a Find a Local Technician on the website:

Students of non-authorised trainers wishing to be listed on the map, will be required to pay for Botched Ink® approved training

Trainers Territory:

Trainers will have their own area, with a 45-60 minute drive between trainers being a reasonable distance.  There is no minimum number of courses that need to be run each year, but trainers would be approached if they become dormant and another local trainer shows interest


All Botched Ink® student Certificates come from Beautiful Ink Ltd


There is no commission to pay, only your start up Train the Trainer (TTT) fee and ongoing Botched Ink® Certificate and student kit price, currently £100

Student Kit: 

Approved trainers can purchase student kits.  These include student manual, samples of Botched Ink®, aftercare serum, treatment and aftercare forms, advertising leaflets and A4 poster

Worldwide Trainers: 

It's worth knowing that our training venue is near Manchester Airport in the UK.  For group TTT we can travel to you

Becoming a Trainer Process:  

  • Get in touch and see if we're a good match
  • Book on a group Botched Ink® student training event
  • Even though you’ve been saline tattoo removal trained elsewhere, you will need to attend a Botched Ink® training 
  • Arrange your 2 days TTT and make £2,500 payment
  • You can do a 3 day TTT if you’re unable to attend a student event for £3,250
  • After TTT you can begin advertising your first training course
  • If you book 7 people on your first course, you're already in profit !!
  • Training manual, presentation, videos and lesson plan provided
  • We will join you on your first group training event to support and assess for approval
  • You will be promoted on social media and on the Botched Ink® website
  • Your training dates will be listed on our website and students can book online, paying us the £100 for Certification and student kit, the balance to you on the day - UK Training Dates

Finding Students:  

You will be promoted as an Approved Botched Ink® Trainer on our website and social media, you can find and book students yourself or they can book on via our website

How Many: 

You can book as many students on a group workshop as you are used to managing, and the venue comfortably holds

There is no commitment to how many students you book each year, however the initial TTT course fee and Certificate price is designed to encourage trainers to get maximum exposure for their Botched Ink® training

Student Payment: 

Students will pay you directly for their training.  You order their Certificates and students kits from us 

Suitable Venue: 

Botched Ink® group training is theory, PowerPoint and video presentation, so can be held in any venue without licencing restrictions.  You are liable for any venue costs


Practical Training: 

Some students prefer to get hands on during training.  Once approved you can offer practical training if your venue is suitable.  You'd need an in-house assistant if practical training more than 2 students

Remove Which Tattoos: 

Initially Botched Ink® Trainers are approved to teach removal of microblading, permanent makeup and scalp micropigmentation

By invitation trainers would be offered the opportunity to train students in traditional tattoo removal on the body.  There is a further TTT course for body tattoo removal, but this has no extra cost to the approved trainer

Training Other Trainers: 

Each trainer wishing to be approved by Botched Ink® needs to book a TTT course.  Trainers are approved, not companies.  If several trainers from a company wish to book the same TTT course, a lower fee can be agreed

Botched Ink® Saline Tattoo Removal Solution. Developed by Beautiful Ink Ltd