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Introducing Bomtech

"Bomtech Electronics intends to be a digital technology leader with the creation of innovative products and services that make life more beautiful and comfortable. We mainly produce skin & hair diagnosis systems, (Various scope ranges), beauty equipment and permanent make-up device as well as OEM & ODM business. We are always ready to correspond to your business inquiries and fulfill your expectations. We would never be satisfied with what we’ve achieved so far, but aim to develop more fascinating products and build up the core technology to be the world market leader eventually." From Bomtech

Main Products: A-One, SDM, HDM, Kong, Digital Pro, Digital Pop, Digital Hand, Tri-M, My-M

Vision: Digital Technology leader, while creating innovative products and services that make life more beautiful and comfortable.

South Korean technology

You might not have heard of Bomtech machines before, so to give you an idea of the quality of South Korean technology, here's a few companies you probably will know:

South Korea Companies

And according to Wikipedia: Seoul is ranked as the world's "leading digital city" and a "tech capital of the world". South Korea is also among the world's most technologically advanced and digitally-connected countries

Why invest in Bomtech for your business?

You can buy from Beautiful Ink Ltd in complete confidence. Bomtech is the range I use in my own studio, and I love it so much I’m confident in recommending it to you

The high and medium powered machines create sharper and more effective results as the needles give you a cleaner puncture, perfect for permanent makeup and skin needling treatments


Bomtech is a brand I trust and work with in my own studio, and that’s why I’m confident in selling their products to you.

  • Machines are offered with a one year warranty, and I keep a courtesy machine available if needed
  • Permanent makeup machines all carry a CE mark
  • Micro-needling machines and needles have the full Medical CE mark


  • Bomtech digital skin needling cartridges carry a medical CE mark and use sterilised acupuncture needles, micropigmentation needles the CE mark (permanent makeup is not considered a medical treatment)
  • The cartridges have been designed to make sure that blood and ink won’t flow back towards the handset while you’re working on a client
  • The silicone membrane needle cartridges have a worldwide patent

M2M Pen®

M2M Pen® the hand tool that takes you from Microblading to Machine®

M2M Pen® takes you from Microblading to Machine®