Register as a Model

During my training courses and workshops I need models for:

  • Dry Tattooing - Scar & Stretch Mark Treatment
  • Permanent Makeup - Eyebrows, Eyes & Lips
  • Tattoo Removal - Traditional & Permanent Makeup

Register as a model ?

  • Models receive free treatments (£50 deposit returned on the day)
  • Additional aftercare must be purchased for Dry Tattooing & Tattoo Removal on the body, from £24.95
  • Treatments carried out by Lisa Henning or supervised student
  • You can model several times
  • All treatments are multi visit to complete

Dry Tattooing:

  • Scars larger than size of one finger
  • Stretch marks, large or small areas

Permanent Makeup:

  • Eyebrow, Eyeliner and  Lips
  • Can have missing, wonky or minimal existing eyebrows
  • Can have existing eyebrow tattoo
  • Can require colour or shape corrections (brows only)

Tattoo Removal:

  • Traditional tattoos small or medium
  • Not on wrist, hand or feet (thin skin areas)
  • Can be any colour
  • Permanent makeup eyebrows and lip colour
  • Can be any colour

To register as a model please complete the form below and I'll confirm receipt.  I notify dates and treatments by text and email when I require models, and the location

Most training is in Brighton and Manchester