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Pigment FAQs

Permanent Makeup Pigments - Which colour ?

Beautiful Ink sells two ranges of permanent makeup pigments, both from Doreme.  The liquid bottle is for permanent makeup using a machine, and the CONC range is recommended for microblading

Legally Compliant Pigments

I, Lisa Henning, the director of Beautiful Ink, have carried out Cosmetic Product Safety Reports (CPSR), approving the pigments for microbiological quality, toxicity and stability. Beautiful Ink has registered the pigments for sale in Europe, so making them legally compliant. You can be assured of my commitment to Doreme pigments, and advising technicians and training schools who purchase them


Doreme pigments are gamma irradiation sterilised, and certified for safety by SGS in Switzerland, Dermatest in Germany and the Korea Testing & Research Institute


Doreme has been created in collaboration with industry and medical experts, using high quality pharmaceutical grade pigments approved for use in permanent makeup. Doreme pigments have been patch tested on humans and awarded the Dermatest ‘Excellent’ seal of approval for their quality

Dermatest are a highly regarded testing and research institute in Germany


These are iron oxide pigments, with additional ingredients of water, alcohol and glycerin.  The 3 carbon based black eyeliners are clearly marked in red

The CONC microblading range has more glycerin, and less alcohol and water.  There is also more pigment in each bottle

You will receive pigment colour charts with any pigment purchase

Using the CONC air-pump bottle

Gently and slowly pump a new bottle for the pigment to come out.  This may take several pumps, so go slowly or you will introduce air into the pigment area making the pumping harder

If pumping is initially slow or intermittent at any time, firmly tap the bottle on a hard surface to expel excess air, then continue pumping.  You can also use a pin to pierce the tiny hole at the bottom of the bottle if the colour label is firmly over it

If the pump stops pumping, you can insert a pin into the tiny hole at the bottom of the pigment and gently push up the base plate.  Do not push hard or the base place will twist, and pigment can escape out the top

Doreme CONC Microblading Pigments

Eyebrow Pigment Pie Chart (PPC)

With any eyebrow pigment purchase I'll send you the PPC I made for Doreme pigments.  They show how much of each colour, red, yellow, white, green and black, are in each colour, enabling you to make better colour choices

Using the PPC and knowing colours you already have, you can decide which to use, how to mix them, and if you need to purchase any other colours

Cool, Warm & Neutral Shades

(c) Cool, (w) Warm, (n) Neutral

Doreme Pigments for Micropigmentation

Doreme Liquid - Micropigmentation

Doreme Pigment

 Permanent makeup pigments formulated especially for machine use

  • 25 eyebrow colours to choose from, including correction colours
  • 15ml bottle with screw top lid keeps pigments from drying out
  • Cream liquid consistency is easier to tattoo by machine
  • High colour retention minimises retouch sessions

Permanent Makeup Pigments

Correction Pigments

Lip tattoo pigments

Eyeliner tattoo pigments

Doreme CONC - Microblading

Doreme CONC Microblading Pigments

Permanent makeup pigments especially formulated for microblading

  • 28 eyebrow colours to choose from, including correction colours
  • 10ml airless pump bottle keeps pigment from drying out
  • Thick and creamy consistency is easier to blade into the skin
  • High colour retention minimises retouch sessions

Microblading pigmentsPhotos

It is impossible to represent the exact pigment colours online, all screens are lit differently, and colours look different depending on your environment (think of the blue dress gold dress illusion).  I have taken photos of the pigments in natural daylight and with artificial daylight, however these photos as still an approximation of the true colour

General Skin Tone & Pigment Colour Guide

To prevent dark brown eyebrow colours healing too grey / blue / green, especially on transparent, translucent, olive, ruddy and dark skins, mix in or use warm or neutral colours.  Microblading pigment tends to require more warmth to prevent pigments fading too grey

To prevent light and medium brown eyebrow colours healing too orange / russet / magenta, especially on sallow, pale mousy or peaches and cream skins, mix in or use a correction or neutral colour, or one with a green undertone

It is easier to warm up a colour that has faded too cool, than cool down a warm colour  

For further colour theory refer to your training guide.  I can help with general colour advice but cannot recommend specific colours for your clients, instead I have made sets of colours and tagged the best sellers

Lisa's tip:

To test which eyebrow colours suit a clients skin, dot 3 or 4 pigment colours on a clients uncleaned forehead, noting which order they're in.  After a few minutes the colours will change, responding to the clients skin, and from here you can choose colours that are likely to heal best


Doreme Pigment Party / Colour Theory & A+Ocean Saline Tattoo Removal - Dates in September & October.  Click for more info...