Doreme FAQs

Doreme Liquid & CONC Ranges

Beautiful Ink sells two ranges of Doreme pigments.  The liquid bottle is for permanent makeup using a machine, and the CONC range, being a thicker more concentrated pigment is usually used use for microblading.  This is a guide, personal preference is always allowed for and the two ranges can be mixed

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Doreme mainly use iron oxide pigments, with additional ingredients - water, alcohol and vegetable glycerin. The 3 carbon based black eyeliners are clearly marked

The CONC microblading range has more glycerin, less alcohol and water, there is also more pigment percentage in each bottle


Doreme pigments are gamma irradiation sterilised, and certified for safety by SGS in Switzerland, Dermatest in Germany and the Korea Testing & Research Institute

Doreme has been created in collaboration with industry and medical experts, using high quality pharmaceutical grade pigments approved for use in permanent makeup. Doreme pigments have been patch tested on humans and awarded the Dermatest ‘Excellent’ seal of approval for their quality

Dermatest are a highly regarded testing and research institute in Germany

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Eyebrow Pigment Pie Chart (PPC)

With any eyebrow pigment purchase I'll send you the PPC I made for Doreme pigments.  They show how much of each colour, red, yellow, white, green and black, are in each colour, enabling you to make better colour choices

Using the PPC and knowing colours you already have, you can decide which to use, how to mix them, and if you need to purchase any other colours

Cool, Warm & Neutral Shades

(c) Cool, (w) Warm, (n) Neutral

Doreme Pigments for Micropigmentation


    It is impossible to represent the exact pigment colours online, all screens are lit differently, and colours look different depending on your environment (think of the blue dress gold dress illusion).  I have taken photos of the pigments in natural daylight and with artificial daylight, however these photos as still an approximation of the true colour