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Become a Beautiful Ink Brand Ambassador

These are part-time, self-employed, commission only opportunities

Do you enjoy using Doreme pigments, Bomtech machines and Inky Shaker, or have you been on or want to recommend my training courses ?  When you share your enthusiasm for Beautiful Ink with your fellow colleagues why not earn a healthy commission on any orders they place !

If you are an established training school wishing to order start-up kits for your students (min. order 20 pigments), you can also apply for a Wholesale Account

Beautiful Ink Brand Ambassador

Join my team today and become one of the first Beautiful Ink Brand Ambassadors in your area.  If you were thrilled when you found Beautiful Ink, your fellow technicians will be too

  • Start earning after £250 worth of monthly product sales (10% on nett price)
  • Build relationships with the customers you refer
  • Earn commission on the first and subsequent orders *
  • Earn up to 20% commission on products
  • Earn up to 10% on training courses
  • No team building
  • Controlled market saturation
  • Training available  
Please note: This opportunity is for trained permanent makeup, microblading and skin needling technicians and training schools only.  Your Brand Ambassador profile will be activated within 24 hours of you agreeing to my Terms & Conditions.  If it's not apparent from your website that you are a named technician, you will be required to send you training certificates before approval
Brand Ambassadors earn commission for sales of Doreme Pigments, Bomtech Machines, Inky Shaker and all training courses and workshops
* For active customers only, read terms for definition

Terms & Conditions Agreement

By sending your details on the form below, you are agreeing to become a Beautiful Ink Brand Ambassador, and that you are 18 years or older, a resident in the United Kingdom, and are legally eligible to work in the United Kingdom. You also agree to the following terms and conditions, understanding that you will be notified of any changes:

Commission Rate & Payment Rules

  • You agree that your commission rate will be calculated based on Final Price Sales, and that Final Price Sales is defined as: any transaction less applicable taxes (i.e VAT) and discounts
  • You acknowledge sales are calculated from the beginning of a month, to the end of the same month.  
  • You acknowledge that for the first month of you becoming a Brand Ambassador there may be a longer 'month' for sales totals i.e you join on 14th July, so your first months sales commission is added from 14th July to 31st August.
  • You agree to the following monthly commission structure:
 Product Sales Commission
£0 - £249  0%
£250 - £499 10%
£500 - £999 12.5%
£1000 - £1499 15%
£1500 - £1999 17.5%
£2000 plus 20%







 Training Sales Commission
£0 - £2499  5%
£2500 - £4999 7.5%
£5000 plus 10%
  • You acknowledge there are no minimum sales requirements for a Brand Ambassador to stay active with Beautiful Ink.  Your focus is on maintaining active customers.
  • You acknowledge that you will only earn commission on customers who are completely new to Beautiful Ink
  • You agree you have not been promised any guide to earning potential, you understand that commission can take time to earn, and any costs incurred are at your own expense
  • You acknowledge that a Brand Ambassadors commission is earned for building relationships with customers you introduce to Beautiful Ink.  Should a customer you introduced to Beautiful Ink not place an order for three months, they are deemed no longer active.  They will be removed as your Brand Ambassador customer and no further commission can be earned from their future order.
  • You must share any information you have on active and non-active customers if requested by Beautiful Ink.
  • You acknowledge customer names, their last order date, value and commission will be sent your email at the end of each month.  It is your responsibility to maintain a relationship with the customers you introduced to Beautiful Ink, and to be aware when they have not placed an order for three months.
  • You may at any time request Beautiful Ink takes over the management of a customer you introduce.  You acknowledge this will remove any future commissions due to you, unless there is a new signed agreement in place
  • You acknowledge there is no structure for recruiting sales reps below you to create a downline.
  • You acknowledge that payments will be made via PayPal or Bank Transfer.
  • You agree that sales will be monitored for fraud and that fraudulent sales may not be paid in full.


  • Any advertising you do for Beautiful Ink products and training must use official Beautiful Ink images, or your own photographs from products or training purchased from Beautiful Ink.  This also applies to videos and any live broadcasts.
  • You may use images from the website if they are unaltered and any watermark still visible.
  • You must not create a new logo, website, company name, or any other type of marketing that may lead a customer to believe that the products and training you represent are something other than fulfilled by Beautiful Ink.
  • You must not create a “routing” url or website to lead your customers back to any Beautiful Ink website for marketing, sales or shopping purposes.
  • You may create links within other websites, clearly labelling it as “your link” for Beautiful Ink and
  • You must not represent Beautiful Ink as your “own” business, rather, a business you are a Brand Ambassador for.
  • You may not sell non-Beautiful Ink stocked permanent makeup pigments, machines or training courses.
  • You agree that violating any of these terms may deem your sales fraudulent.

      Customer Service and Public Image Requirements

      • You acknowledge any customers referred to Beautiful Ink by you, are Beautiful Ink customers, with customer care and relationship building carried out by you
      • You acknowledge order delivery questions, booking training dates and any customer complaints must be directed to Beautiful Ink
      • You agree to offer general advice to a customers pigment colour, machine and training course inquiries.  You must not offer specific comment or advice unless it is written on the website, or has been agreed during any training.  Forward any questions you cannot answer in this way to Beautiful Ink
      • You acknowledge that giving specific colour advise leaves you open to a legal complaint if the colour advise was wrong i.e a client asks for a dark brown pigment and you must not recommend just one colour; recommend a selection or one of the pigment sets, and allow the customer to choose
      • You agree to promptly reply to customer’s questions, always acting with professionalism, kindness, and never engage in negative comments or conversations around Beautiful Ink products and training courses.
      • You agree to always represent Beautiful Ink products and training in an enthusiastic and positive manner.
      • You acknowledge that either you or Beautiful Ink may terminate this agreement and your position as a Brand Ambassador at any time, with or without cause, by giving the other party written notice of termination.  If your position is terminated, any commission owed will be paid only when all Beautiful Ink branding and photos are removed from any websites and social media accounts, minus any cost incurred from your termination

         About The Sale

        • You agree the new customer can order for themselves on my website, or shop directly with you, with you ordering for them.  If you place the order remember to check the correct billing and shipping address, or contact Beautiful Ink directly
        • You understand that you will need to instruct new customers how to shop on the website so you earn commission.  On the cart page of there is a drop down box where the new customer selects your name from the list of Brand Ambassadors.  They only need to do this for their first order, future orders will already be allocated to you, unless the customer becomes in-active.Brand Ambassador
        • You understand that an existing Beautiful Ink customer cannot be added to your Brand Ambassador account, unless they have been an inactive Beautiful Ink customer for a period of three months
        • You agree to be paid commission once a month.  Commission due can be exchanged for products or training, and the value spent added to your next monthly commission structure.

          Trade and Company Secrets

          • You agree that any information regarding the inside business structure of Beautiful Ink, partners, manufacturers, affiliates, or any other non-public information that aid in the success of Beautiful Ink as a growing company, will remain confidential.
          • You understand that releasing confidential company information may warrant your dismissal from as a Beautiful Ink Brand Ambassador and you may be held liable for any foreseeable company losses as a result of your indiscretions.


          • You agree that we are independent companies and individuals, and you will carry out your own financial responsibilities as required by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs and the law of the United Kingdom.  Nothing in this agreement will create any partnership, joint venture, agency, franchise, sales representative, or employment relationship between us

          Personal Information and Data

          • You agree to safeguard any customer information and data by keeping it in a secure location, or if online, only using trusted data housing for storing personal information.
          • You agree that in regards to your own personal information, you will keep it updated with Beautiful Ink for everyday use. Examples: Name changes, change of address, phone number or email.

          © Beautiful Ink Ltd 2017

          Register as a Beautiful Ink Brand Ambassador

          Once Beautiful Ink has approved your appointment as a Brand Ambassador, you will find your name is added to the list of Brand Ambassadors on the 'Cart' page, and you can begin earning commission

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