834 Blonde (n)

Doreme 2 Shot Pigments

834 Blonde - Neutral

Your chosen method of implanting the pigment will alter how a colour heals; microblading tends to heal a couple of shades cooler than machine method

Ingredients: Iron Oxide, Vegetable Glycerin, Alcohol & Water

The Doreme 2 Shot range of pigments are creamy thick liquid, suitable for microblading and machine methods of cosmetic tattooing

Beautiful Ink Ltd is the UK Distributor for Doreme, supplying technicians and offering wholesale to training providers

  • 18 colours to choose from, including correction colours
  • 10ml glass bottle
  • Creamy consistency between Conc and Liquid ranges
  • High colour retention minimises retouch sessions
  • Formulated for microblading and those who prefer a creamy pigment
  • Healing and fading true to colour

This is a professional product

Beautiful Ink Ltd does not sell professional products to untrained persons. By placing an order for this product you warrant and represent to us that you are a trained professional

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