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A+Ocean Saline Tattoo Removal - 2 Day Course for Microbladers & Advanced Techs

A+Ocean Saline Tattoo Removal

  • A+Ocean is implanted by a tattoo machine
  • 2 day course for microbladers and advanced beauticians
  • Option to add Microblading to Machine® conversion course (extra 1 day)
  • Removes cosmetic and traditional tattoos 

Learn to use a tattoo machine

Additional training is required for those who are not experienced using a tattoo machine, the price depends on training location (Brighton or in-house) 

1-2-1 training - Contact me to arrange dates

Training available in

  • Brighton and your salon anywhere in United Kingdom
  • Training with Lisa Henning, Director of Beautiful Ink Ltd

Training price includes

  • VAT (training & kit from £1958.33 plus VAT) 
  • Bomtech Digital Hand-R (£795)
  • 2 x bottle of A+Ocean (£100)
  • 2 x Box of 15 needles (approx £150)

      2 day training course available for 

      • Advanced beauticians (Level 3 or 4 beauty)
      • Microblading techncians
      • Clinicians, doctors and nurse practitioners
      • During the 2 day course you will get to work on models
      • A bottle of A+Ocean is included in the training price

        Microblading Techs

        Microblading technicians can combine this course with my eyebrow tattooing Microblading to Machine® conversion course.  The 2 day course becomes 3 days

        Tattoo Machine

        The training price shown includes a Bomtech Digital Hand-R machine, other machines are available

          A+Ocean Saline Tattoo Removal Training

          The original manufacturer of Xiled Ink

          Terms & Conditions

          To book a training course a trainee must pay a £500 non-refundable booking deposit, or make full payment.  

          Full payment is required 14 days prior to the booked training date, failure to do so will result in forfeiting the booking and deposit.

          If you change your mind and wish to cancel within 7 days of booking any training arranged face-to-face, any monies due for a refund will be minus the appropriate booking deposit, and the cost of any services already provided, including training materials, machines ordered, fees incurred, and consultancy advice given at any time.  For any training not booked in person, you have 14 days to change your mind.  If payment has not been made for services already provided, an invoice will be issued requiring payment.

          Training cannot be transferred to another date less than 14 days before the booked date, with any hotel and travel costs incurred by Beautiful Ink Ltd reimbursed before a new date is confirmed.  Training fees cannot be transferred to another person without permission from Beautiful Ink Ltd. There will be no refund if a course or workshop is not attended, or not completed, other than in the unlikely event training is cancelled by Beautiful Ink Ltd.    

          Trainee must have 100% attendance during the required times stated in the training confirmation letter.  Paying for and attending a training course or workshop does not guarantee a certificate of any kind.  Certificates are awarded for achievement and meeting our required standards of learning.  If our standards have not been met, additional training will be required at an additional cost

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