Botched Ink® ONLINE Training (Non-UK)

The Botched Ink® online training course is split into bite-sized segments so you can pace your learning.  So much information is shared during this course, essential if you're to be a correction and removal specialist

Online training is for Certified Microbladers, Permanent Makeup and Scalp Micropigmentation Technicians

Botched Ink® online training UK tattoo removal

UK Technicians

MUST read the following information below before booking:  

New to Removal: In the UK you will not get insurance with online training only.  This online training is a part of our New to Removal training, with an extra day for demos and practical training with one of our approved Botched Ink® trainers.  Training available around the UK

Existing Removal Technicians New to Botched Ink® :  You can book on the online training and use it as a Conversion Course to Botched Ink®.  After you've completed the online training you'll receive a Certificate of Achievement. Before enrolling you’ll need to show us your training certificate or current insurance policy covering any recognised non-laser tattoo removal product you're trained, send a copy to Training covered by Insync Insurance

Botched Ink® Online training course to lift microblading, permanent makeup webinar

Worldwide Technicians

New to Removal, New to Botched Ink® Existing Removal Technicians: You can check out in other currencies USD, CAD, AUD and EUR.  This should be offered by the website automatically, or you can click the Currency button on the bottom left of your screen

As we gain distributors and experienced trainers around the World, we will begin to offer live training in addition for those who'd like to have this option

What happens after I purchase this course ? 

UK Technicians: Due to the checks we need to do for UK based technicians, the insurance requirements, you'll be enrolled on this course manually within 48 hours.  For Conversion Course techs please remember to send a copy of your training or insurance certificate showing a recognised non-laser removal product, send a copy to

Worldwide Technicians:  You can purchase this course directly from the training site, checkout is in USD, and begin your course straight away.  This option is not available for UK technicians

Online Theory

This is the Botched Ink® online Curriculum

The Curriculum is Copyright Beautiful Ink Ltd 2019 - All rights reserved

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Botched Ink® is not only the fastest growing brand of removal, we provide in depth training, and a supportive team of professionals behind you

Terms & Conditions

When you enrol on the Botched Ink® online training, you are sent an email which includes a link to download the Botched Ink® training manual.  This means you lose any right to cancel

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