Botched Ink® for Official Techs

To be purchased by officially trained Botched Ink® technicians only, and each technician is known to us

Pack of 10 x 2ml single use sachets

Not a Botched Ink® Technician ?

If you're trained in another type of non-laser tattoo removal and can show your training or insurance Certificate, you can purchase a sample pack of Botched Ink® before deciding to officially convert.  Botched Ink® Samples

Advanced Training - The Ultimate Body Tattoo Removal Course

During this course you'll learn how to safely and effectively remove:

  • Traditional body tattoos (small to medium sized)
  • Skin camouflage tattoos (including from scars and stretch marks)
  • BB Glow (facial treatment)

The Ultimate Body Tattoo Removal Course

This course is for existing Botched Ink® technicians using the machine method only

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