Doreme Online Colour Theory

Online Training Coming Soon !! - Priced at £75

What you'll learn

  • Choosing the best colours
  • Explaining colours to clients
  • Managing expectations, yours and your client
  • Preventing colours healing grey
  • Preventing colours healing too warm
  • Mixing up different colours
  • Colours healing and fading
  • Colour corrections
  • How long results last and top ups

    This is a great opportunity to brush up on your colour theory knowledge, you'll understand more about using Doreme pigments, choosing and mixing colours, plus we'll discuss colour correction work

        Beautiful Ink Ltd

        My client website -  I'm Lisa, the company director, I'm based in Manchester UK, a permanent makeup technician myself with many years experience.  I use Doreme pigments on my own clients, and supply 100s of other technicians and training schools.  I specialise in correction work, also creating eyebrow shapes for ladies with missing or wonky brows

        In the first couple of years following your training, you’ll realise just how much you don't know about colour theory and how to keep those clients happy and returning clients !  From my initial training and setting up my company I discovered loads, by doing things right, and wrong.  I didn't always have the funds to go on the expensive additional training courses, so I had to work out for myself how to get better

        Terms & Conditions

        When you enrol on the Botched Ink® online training, you are sent an email which includes a link to download the Botched Ink® training manual.  This means you lose any right to cancel

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