M2M Pen® Hand Tool (REVO)

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The hand tool that takes you from Microblading to Machine®

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REVO needle cartridges with the M2M Pen® for microblading, then put same needle in Digital Hand-R to machine shade extra colour 

Machine shown is the Bomtech Digital Hand-R

M2M Pen® for Microblading to Machine®

The M2M Pen® uses REVO permanent makeup safety needle cartridges.  The needles are sterile and single use, with no back-flow of pigment or blood into the hand piec

  • Needle depth controlled at 0.8 mm, cannot go too deep
  • Brighter colour as set at the correct depth
  • Helps prevent hair strokes blurring as cannot over slant needle
  • M2M Pen® can be re-used after disinfecting
  • Worldwide patented silicone membrane needle cartridges
  • Blood and ink will not flow back into hand-piece
  • Microblading to Machine® conversion training available
  • EO gas sterilised disposable needle cartridges

Microblading Needles

  • 3 RSL, 5RSL, 10RSL - Needles in slope shape, perfect for microblading hair strokes and machine shading
  • 10MSL - two rows of 5 needles in a slope shape, perfect for manual shading

M2M Pen® Hygienic & Convenient

Hygienic: Approved by several councils who otherwise insist on disposable hand tools.  The M2M Pen® can be re-used after disinfection as there is no back-flow from the needle to into the hand tool.  The M2M Pen® can be covered with barrier film during treatment.  Check your council for approval

Convenient: Purchase needles in boxes of 15 (£65 to £95), or strips of 5 (£24 to £34).  Needles are designed to stay sharp.  Allows you to do microblading and machine shading with the same needle, or microblading with safety and great design

This is a Professional Product

Beautiful Ink Ltd does not sell professional products to untrained persons. By placing an order for this product you warrant and represent to us that you are a trained professional

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