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  • For professionals using a machine or hand tool
  • Includes DVD video masterclass
  • Articles and interviews with prominent specialists 
  • Knowledge from around the world

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Permanent Make Up Magazine

The world’s first magazine dedicated to permanent make-up

The magazine is geared to professionals in the permanent make-up industry (micropigmentation, microblading, etc.) and those who are new to this profession

The magazine comes with a DVD. It includes video master classes, articles and extensive interviews with the prominent specialists in the industry from around the globe

Issue 9

Video master classes (DVD)

Anna Gerrario
Full lips bouche bisous +interview
pp. 27-33

Inga Babitskay
Joint workshop: creating eyebrows using author technique “transforming you” with specular highlights +2 interviews
pp. 36-51

Irina Gafvelin
Microblading or manual stroke technique. “secret of three hairs”+ interview
pp. 52-65

Medical issues

Svetlana Sveboda
Hygiene and personal protection measures 
pp. 7-9


Lisa Henning
Shaking up permanent make-up


Ben England
Counterfeit pigments, how to spot them, and why you should avoid them

Special Opinion

Elena Karipidi
Post-traumatic lip correction through optimal lip augmentation, scar camouflage

Practical Course

Irina Bestuzheva
Let’s learn how to draw

Vladlena Shestakova
Permanent eyeliner make-up. Push-up eyeliner technique: procedural algorithm

Irina Bestuzheva
Pointillism in permanent make-up


Malwa Flaszka
How to become a master in one year


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