Syllabus - Full Course

Dry Tattooing Training

1-2-1 two day training course for experienced permanent makeup techs, clinicians, nurse practitioners and advanced beauticians

Successfully training UK and many International students from countries such as Brazil, America, Canada, Thailand and Greece

During your training, I don't just teach you how to put a needle in the skin, I teach you what works best, what not so well, and how to have happy satisfied clients from day one. Those early months of experimenting on clients with a newly learned treatment will already have been explained to you

I have been offering Dry Tattooing to clients since 2013.  I am teaching you skills as a fellow technician

MCA Micro Needling, Collagen Induction Therapy

These are other names Dry Tattooing goes by

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Holistic Insurance Services

Not all skin needling or micro needling courses are the same. Needling damaged skin is very different to facial needling for beauty or anti-ageing

To carry out dry tattooing treatments you:

  • Use a high speed digital tattoo machine
  • Permanent makeup needles
  • Not derma pen type needles
  • Use a needle depth up to 1.5mm

If you are an existing permanent makeup technician with a high speed digital tattoo machine, you can probably use your existing machine

Dry Tattooing Machine


  • Health and safety rules and legislation
  • Council registration and licensing
  • Understanding insurance options
  • Blood borne pathogens (safe working with blood)
  • Understanding sterility and disinfection
  • Keeping and maintaining client records
  • Introducing needles and machines
  • Machine maintenance and needle safety
  • Start-up essential kit
  • Setting up and cleaning down work area
  • Practice using equipment on simulated skin
  • Confirming aseptic working and infection control
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Understanding scars, burns and stretch marks, healing and development
  • Using the Patient and Observer Scar Assessment Scale (POSAS)
  • Introducing skin needling


  • Types of skin needling machines and devices
  • Choosing which machine or device to use
  • How to use your digital tattooing machine


  • Ethical practice and decision making
  • The consultation process
  • Recommending a course of treatments


  • Advice on pricing treatments
  • Client modesty and ease of treatment
  • Legal and consent issues, record keeping
  • Photography: Practical tips
  • Client record, treatment and aftercare forms


  • Understand the results process and treatment timings
  • Scars and stretch marks, what works best, and what doesn’t respond so well
  • The difference between keloid and hypertrophic scars and what can be treated
  • Dealing with scars, practical and emotional tips for technician
  • Advice when treating self-injury scars
  • Treating skin prone to hyperpigmentation
  • When to combine with a derma roller (if trained)
  • Treating lines and wrinkles
  • Using numbing creams, working on large or painful areas
  • Which body areas are more uncomfortable to treat
  • Needle choice, depth and speed (up to 1.5mm)


  • Working on tight and hard scars
  • Working on thin tissue scars and over veins
  • What to expect during and immediately after treatment
  • Practice techniques on simulated skin
  • Experience a treatment yourself (carried out by Lisa Henning)
  • Practical training on live models


  • Post treatment considerations
  • RégimA Scar Repair and Laser Gel homecare
  • Dressings and importance of client committing to aftercare


  • Stretch mark prevention
  • Hyperpigmentation prevention
  • Scar prevention (fresh scar, not wound)
  • Scar treatment during first 6 months


  • Other scar and stretch mark treatments
  • Business, marketing and advertising advice

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Terms & Conditions

To book a workshop or training course a trainee must pay a £500 non-refundable booking deposit, or make full payment.  Full payment is required 14 days prior to the booked training date, failure to do so will result in forfeiting the booking and deposit. Training cannot be transferred to another date less than 30 days before booked date. Training fees cannot be transferred to another person. There will be no refund if a course or workshop is not attended, or not completed, other than in the unlikely event training is cancelled by Beautiful Ink Ltd.  

Trainee must have 100% attendance during the required times stated in the training confirmation letter.  Paying for and attending a training course or workshop does not guarantee a certificate of any kind.  Certificates are awarded for achievement and meeting our required standards of learning standards.  If our standards have not been met, additional training will be required at an additional cost

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