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The Dark Set

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(C) Cool. (W) Warm. (N) Natural

The Dark Set: The darkest browns, plus correction colour to prevent brows healing grey

  • 607 Blue Correction (w)
  • 227 Hazelnut (c)
  • 229 Dark Taupe (c)
  • 237 Chocolate Kiss (c)
out with the old

If you know how to put pigment in, you really must know how to get it out!  You'll be able to fix, remove and improve the existing eyebrow tattoos (microblading or permanent makeup) of practically anyone who walks through your door

No more trying to work over old grey or orange brows, it's so much better to lift out some of the old pigment, then your new work can look just as beautiful as you intend!

In this photo, the old grey pigment was lightened enough with Botched Ink to allow a much better colour refresh

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