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Permanent makeup - microblading conversion - microneedling - saline tattoo removal

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Doreme CONC Microblading Pigments & for Machine

Microblading Pigments

Doreme CONC, concentrated, thick & creamy pigments, perfect for the hand tool tattooing method

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Permanent makeup pigments, starter sets & kits.  Doreme Pigments

Permanent Makeup Pigments

Doreme micropigmentation pigments, perfect for the machine tattooing method

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Microblading to Machine® Conversion Course to Learn Machine Method

Microblading to Machine®

Conversion course

For existing microbladers wishing to learn the machine method

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Pigment Party®

Colour Theory Workshop

Choosing the best colours - Preventing colours healing grey - Preventing colours healing too warm - Mixing up different colours - Colour corrections - How long results last and top ups

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Saline Tattoo Removal Training

Become a correction specialist

Removes microblading, cosmetic and traditional tattoos - Lip liner, some eyeliner and small or medium body tattoos - Become an eyebrow removal and correction specialist

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Saline Tattoo Removal Training
Permanent Makeup Training, Beginner & Conversion Courses

Permanent Makeup Training

'Beginner Brows' eyebrow tattooing. Microbladers and International technicians Conversion course

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Bomtech Digita Hand-R Revo Permanent Makeup Machine & Needle Cartridges

Digital Hand-R (REVO)

Nano 1 point & 3 round needles - digital microblading 10 slope needle (photo) - 7 speed medium/high powered machine 

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