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Permanent makeup - microblading conversion - microneedling - saline tattoo removal

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Doreme CONC Microblading Pigments & for Machine

Microblading Pigments

Doreme CONC, concentrated, thick & creamy pigments, perfect for the hand tool tattooing method

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Permanent makeup pigments, starter sets & kits.  Doreme Pigments

Permanent Makeup Pigments

Doreme micropigmentation pigments, perfect for the machine tattooing method

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A+Ocean Saline Tattoo Removal UK Distributor.  Training courses and workshops

A+Ocean Saline Tattoo Removal

UK Distributor & Trainer

Use A+Ocean to remove traditional and cosmetic tattoos.  Hypertonic saline creates a crispy dry scab containing removed tattoo pigment.  Give your clients minimal risks and best results, courses and workshops available

Training available for hand tool and tattoo machine methods

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Bomtech Digita Hand-R Revo Permanent Makeup Machine & Needle Cartridges

Digital Hand-R (REVO)

Nano 1 point & 3 round needles - digital microblading 10 slope needle (photo) - 7 speed medium/high powered machine 

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Microblading to Machine® Conversion Course to Learn Machine Method

Microblading to Machine®

Conversion course

For existing microbladers wishing to learn the machine method

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Pigment Party™

Colour Theory Workshop

Choosing the best colours - Preventing colours healing grey - Preventing colours healing too warm - Mixing up different colours - Colour corrections - How long results last and top ups

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Permanent Makeup Training, Beginner & Conversion Courses

Permanent Makeup Training

'Beginner Brows' eyebrow tattooing. Microbladers and International technicians Conversion course

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Lisa Henning Beautiful Ink Ltd Training and Supplies

Beautiful Ink Ltd

My name is Lisa Henning and I'm the company director at Beautiful Ink Ltd.  I offer treatments and training as well as selling supplies, so I'm able to offer advice if you need any help with choosing products

I use Doreme pigments and Bomtech machines on my own clients, so I know them very well.  These South Korean manufacturers have incredibly high standards, are reliable and innovative, but also realistically priced.  I supply lots of technicians and training schools who want to use products that are dependable and affordable, and I know you'll be pleased you discovered them as well

It's worth adding that when you contact Beautiful Ink, you will be in touch with me, so please ask any questions you need to

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Lisa x

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MediTatu® Dry Tattooing Stretch Marks Training Course

meditatu® Dry tattooing

Advanced microneedling treatment for scars & stretch marks

Training available

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