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Beautiful Ink

UK Distributor for Doreme pigments, Worldwide Manufacturer & Distributor of Botched Ink® saline tattoo removal solution

UK Doreme Distributor

Beautiful Ink is the official UK Distributor for Doreme pigments,  supplying microbladers and permanent makeup technicians since 2016

We stock the whole range of colours, and are soon to offer the Doreme Colour Practical online course

Doreme is manufactured in South Korea and is tested to EU standards

Trainers and suppliers, get in touch with any Wholesale and Sub-Distributor enquiries

Trainers & Suppliers
Doreme Pigments Microblading Permanent Makeup UK Distributor supplier wholesale

Concentrated Pigments

Best selling range of creamy thick pigments for microblading

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Liquid Pigments

Brows, Eyeliner, Lips, Areola & Camouflage

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Botched Ink® Pigment Removal

If you know how to put pigment in, you really should know how to get it out!  You'll be able to fix, remove and improve the existing eyebrow tattoos (microblading or permanent makeup) of practically anyone who walks through your door.  Potential clients won't need to find someone else to help them, you can!

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Organic Pigments

Eyebrows, Eyeliner & Lips. Maximum retention

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Booster & Sealer

Pigments implant & heal with ease

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Lip Pigments

Organic & Non-organic ranges

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Eyeliner Pigments

Organic & Non-Organic Ranges

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Correction Colours

Pigments used to change unwanted existing work

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