Microblading to Machine® Conversion Course

Beautiful Ink Ltd

Permanent Makeup Conversion

For existing microbladers wishing to learn the machine method

Training Price Includes:

Training available in Manchester & Droitwich - See list of approved trainers

Microblading to Machine® and Microblade to Machine® are Beautiful Ink Ltd trademarks for any kind of training and education services, they are available to license, see below

I'm able to offer such a competitive price on the training and kit, because I'm the supplier of the kit, I'm not buying it elsewhere and selling it on.  I offer the machine warranty and hold stock of the needles and pigments.  If you already have a suitable machine, get in touch for your training price as these prices are for training and kit


'Microblading to Machine®' Conversion Course

Approved by Holistic Insurance Services and Insync

Do you have existing microblading training and want to learn eyebrow tattooing using the machine method, without having to start again

During this course you'll learn to:
  • Use a digital tattoo machine for eyebrow tattooing
  • Combine manual hair strokes and machine for extra colour
  • Offer fully machine shaded, ombre and more solid brows
  • Help clients wanting colour and shape corrections

Existing Microblading Training

Assessment of Your Current Experience
Your course includes assessment of prior learning and experience, so training can be adjusted to your requirements.  Once the course deposit is made, pre-course study materials will be sent to you, so you can get the best value training time


2 Day Course:

  • Confident in blood hygiene, brow shaping, treatment theory, colour corrections
  • Achieving consistently good long term healed results
  • No pre or post study
  • No case studies to complete, all models worked on during training

3 Day Course:

  • Confirming hygiene, brow shaping, treatment theory, colour theory and corrections
  • How to achieve consistent results and good client satisfaction
  • Helping you to feel more confident offering treatments
  • Pre and post study and questions
  • No case studies to complete, all models worked on during training

Add  Saline Tattoo Removal

  • Optional extra days training, including watching model treatment
  • Non-laser removal for traditional and cosmetic tattoos
  • Use your Bomtech Digital Hand-R machine
  • More information here 

License Opportunities for Training Providers

Microblading to Machine® and Microblade to Machine® are my trademarks for any kind of training and education services, they are available to license

Microblading to Machine® Trainer License:

  • Fixed annual fee per trainer - £595
  • License to use Microblading to Machine® for any training activities
  • Work for yourself or ask about becoming a trainer for Beautiful Ink Ltd

Training providers who purchase Beautiful Inks machines and pigments are automatically granted a license, please call for details


    What you’ll get from this course

    During my Microblading to Machine® conversion course you will be shown several different styles of eyebrow tattooing using a digital tattoo machine: hair stroke, powdered, feathering and more solid styles.  We also discuss other techniques such as Ombré brows

    Eyeliner and lip tattooing is available as extra training days, once you feel more natural using a tattoo machine, however we discuss these treatments, and progressing into medical tattooing, during the course 

    Your understanding of permanent makeup treatments will be assessed before, during and at the end of your training, so we can focus on areas you're uncertain of before introducing new elements.  By the end of this course you will feel confident in your knowledge and ability to use a digital tattoo machine to carry out eyebrow tattoo treatments

    You will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of your course

    My own client website

    Beautiful Ink Brighton

    Click to see my client website - www.beautifulinkstudio.co.uk


    During this training course we confirm your existing learning, going over any areas that need explaining, and introducing new learning at a pace that suits you.  For you to get the best value and most confidence post training, it's important that we choose the right course for you, over 2 or 3 days

      2 Day Course

      Pre-Training Assessment

      Day 1

      • Skin Anatomy
      • Health & Safety, Contraindications
      • Bomtech Machines
      • Machines & Needles
      • Eyebrow Tattooing on Practice Skin
      • Colour Theory
      • Doreme Pigments
      • Eyebrow Tattooing Demonstration
      • Eyebrow Tattooing Theory

      Day Two

      • Start-Up Kit
      • Eyebrow Tattooing Theory & Practice Skin
      • Eyebrow Tattooing Practical & Personal Experience
      • Consolidate Training
      • The Business of Permanent Makeup

      Course Timings

      • Total - 12hrs 25mins
      • Demo - 3hrs 5mins
      • Theory - 6 hours
      • Practical - 3hrs 20mins


      Training is at our Manchester training studios or by agreement at your salon, studio or clinic anywhere in the UK


      I’ll provide the models, tho you are welcome to bring your own model (can have existing eyebrow tattoo)

      3 Day Course

      Pre-Training Learning & Assessment

      Day 1

      • Infection Control, Health & Safety
      • Bomtech Machines
      • Machines & Needles
      • Eyebrow Tattooing on Practice Skin
      • Colour Theory
      • Doreme Pigments
      • Practical Colour Theory
      • Start-Up Kit

      Day Two

      • Skin Anatomy
      • Medical Conditions & Permanent Makeup
      • Skin Types & Skin Tones
      • Eyebrow Shaping, Theory & Demonstration
      • Eyebrow Tattooing Theory
      • Eyebrow Tattooing, Demonstration & Personal Experience
      • Ethical Practice & Client Selection

      Day Three

      • Eyebrow Tattooing Practical
      • Eyebrow Tattooing Theory 
      • The Business of Permanent Makeup
      • Consolidate Training

      Post-Training Learning & Assessment

      Course timings

      • Total - 19hrs 30 mins
      • Demo - 3hrs 20mins
      • Theory - 10hrs 35mins
      • Practical - 5hrs 35mins

      Book your dates

      Terms & Conditions

      To book a training course a trainee must pay a £500 non-refundable booking deposit, or make full payment.  

      Full payment is required 14 days prior to the booked training date, failure to do so will result in forfeiting the booking and deposit.

      If you change your mind and wish to cancel within 7 days of booking any training arranged face-to-face, any monies due for a refund will be minus the appropriate booking deposit, and the cost of any services already provided, including training materials, machines ordered, fees incurred, and consultancy advice given at any time.  For any training not booked in person, you have 14 days to change your mind.  If payment has not been made for services already provided, an invoice will be issued requiring payment.

      The non-refundable booking deposit cannot be exchanged for store credit. 

      Training cannot be transferred to another date less than 14 days before the booked date, with any hotel and travel costs incurred by Beautiful Ink Ltd reimbursed before a new date is confirmed.  Training fees cannot be transferred to another person without permission from Beautiful Ink Ltd. There will be no refund if a course or workshop is not attended, or not completed, other than in the unlikely event training is cancelled by Beautiful Ink Ltd.    

      Trainee must have 100% attendance during the required times stated in the training confirmation letter.  Paying for and attending a training course or workshop does not guarantee a certificate of any kind.  Certificates are awarded for achievement and meeting our required standards of learning.  If our standards have not been met, additional training will be required at an additional cost

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